What if I am over 30 years old?

We would still love to see your videos but you are not eligable for the cash prize. When you submit your video, select the "master" category from the drop down menu and we can share your videos with our extended audience. This is a chance for you to showcase your videos, share your story and amplify your voice using our platform. 

How long will it take for my video to be reviewed?

Videos will be reviewed within 72 hours of submission. At that point, if your video is approved, it will become live on the website. If it is not approved (because it's not in accordance with our rules and regulations), you will recieve an email notification.


What if we have a team of videographers and producers?

That's great! We love teamwork. For the purposes of the competition, the video will have to be submitted under the user name and profile of an individual team leader. The team leader will champion the video, be the team's liason to the Living Grace staff members and will recieve the cash prize if the video is selected.

What happens when I submit my video?

First, celebrate. On our end, a team of reviewers will watch your video and make sure it's within our terms and conditions. If so, they will approve and it will be published on the website. If not, you will recieve an email notification. Then, the sharing, liking and influencing begins.

What if my video is over 3 minutes?

Unfortunately, videos over 3 minutes are not eligible for our cash prize.


Does my video have to be about me?

Absolutely not! The primary producer of the video must by between 18-30. However, you can tell stories of friends, community members, churches, non-profits or even tell the story of someone you don't yet know. Be creative!

What if I have never made a video before?

This is the perfect excuse to give it a try! With technology today like iMovie and the recording quality of your iPhone, it's never been easier to tell a visual story. Check out this video from Marlon Hall about creating a video as well as more resources found on our site.


What if my video is over 3 minutes?

This is a part of the challenge! It can be difficult to cut shots you have come to love in the editing process. It's helpful to have a friend watch the video with you who can help tell you the non-essential seconds of footage to cut from your final product to be submitted for our competition. You can also create an extended version for your own personal use, however for this competition, videos are required to be under 3:00 minutes. 

What if my story is fictional?

How creative! As long is your story is truthful and theologically sound, we welcome your creativity! If you want to run your idea by one of our team members, feel free to send us an email or give us a call. 

What if I am under 18?

Primary producers for the competition have to be 18-30 years old. Do you have a youth group leader, older sibling or friend who could partner with you? Perhaps you could make a team to produce the film and select an older person to be the primary producer? We want to prompt young folks to unleash their creative talents to tell inspiring stories about how they see Christ at work in the world. Don't let our competition age bracket stop you from doing that. Make videos to share with your own network! 

What if I am not sure what category my video should be in?

What a great challenge to have! Some of the best videos will touch on themes from all three categories: journey, community and reconciliation. When you submit, you can  leave the category blank. Our awesome review team will put your video in the category they think is most fitting.

How do you define journey, reconciliation and community?

We are glad you asked! Check definititions on our resources page here. A full glossary of terms we love and use can be found here.

Can the subject of my story be someone not 18-30 years old?

Absolutely! As long as the primary producer of the video is between 18-30, you are eligible to win the competition. We welcome stories of people of all ages. We want these stories to be told through the lens of an 18-30 year old.  One caution: If you are filming someone under 18, do get a signed release statement from one of their parents showing that you have permission to film their child and share the video online. 

My video is posted on YouTube. Can I promote my video by linking directly to my social media sites?

You are welcome to share your video in any way that you like. Do know that only the likes and votes that accumulate on the Living Grace site will count toward the contest. Directing friends to LivingGraceMatters.com may help cut down on confusion when you are asking people to come back and vote.

Once I submit it, who owns my video?

The ownership remains with the individual or the team who created and submitted the video.  By entering the contest, you or your team do agree that your video can be shown on LivingGraceMatters.com and featured on partner sites promoting the contest but you, the creator, still own the rights.

How do I submit a video?

1. Sign in through creating your simple profile here.

2. If you are a new user, create an account. If you are returning, sign in. 

3. Clcik "add video" in the top right hand corner of the screen.

4. Upload your video through using a vimeo or youtube link.

5. Add a title, description, and select a category for submission.

6. Expect to hear back from us within 72 hours about whether or not your video has been approved according to our Terms and Conditions.

7. Share with all your friends via social media!