OFFICIAL RULES for Living Grace Video Contest

The "Living Grace" Contest ("Contest") is designed to give people ages 18 to 30 the chance to create a compelling, gospel-centered 1-3 minute video story of journey, reconciliation or community sharing Christ’s ongoing work in the world.

Contest Entrants will share their story in a video in one of three categories: Community, Reconciliation, and Journey. The top __ Finalists in each category will have their videos featured the Living Grace website,, and on the Living Grace Facebook page and other social media platforms.

The First Place Winner in each category will receive a $3,000 cash prize and will receive personalized advice or commentary from a leader in videography and in the connection of faith and communication.

The Sponsor of this Contest is :
A Foundation for Theological Education
Administrative Coordination
312 Blackwell St., Suite 101
Durham, NC 27701

You can enter the contest as an individual or as a team. All team members must be in the 18-30 years age group at time of entry. Teams may have an older advisor but all videography and post production must be completed by the team.

Video submissions can be in a variety of styles – as simple as one person telling a story to the camera or moving text over art or as complex as you choose – as long as it communicates a truthful expression of the faith journey.

The Basic Rules

Who can enter?

The Contest is open to anyone who is between 18 and 30 years of age, and has Internet access, as of the date of submission. Entrants must be legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, D.C. By participating in this contest, entrants agree to be bound by the rules and to abide by the sponsor's decisions. The sponsor’s decisions about submissions, posting, judging the submissions and awards are final and binding on all matters relating to the contest.

What is the timeline?

You may submit videos to the contest beginning at 12:00 a.m. E.D.T. on May 18, 2015. Submissions close at 11:59 p.m. E.D.T. on September 1, 2015. The deadline has been extended to 11:59 p.m. E.D.T. on September 14, 2015.

Submitting a Video (5/18/2015 – 9/14/2015):

Videos are submitted according to the "How to Enter" description below and on the “Submit a Video” tab on the website, Submitted videos will be available for viewing on through the submission period and the voting period.

Then what happens?

Site visitors can “like” videos on the site and share through social media. Videos with the most "likes" during the Submission Period may be featured on the home page. The number of views or likes will not affect the vote tally during the Voting Period.

Voting Period (9/16/15 - 9/22/15):

During this time, site visitors can vote on their favorite videos in each of the three categories (Community, Journey, Reconciliation). Visitors can vote once within each 24 hour period.


Top Ten (10) Finalist Videos in each category based on the votes of the site visitors and will be announced on or about September 15, 2015.

Selection of the Winners: (9/23/15 – 9/30/15):

Finalist videos will be viewed by a panel of judges who are videographers, pastors, and other faith leaders. Judges will be selected at the discretion of the Sponsor. From the top ten vote recipients in each of the three categories, judges will award the winner in each category based on the criteria of message, originality, production values and expression of Wesleyan faith.

When do you know who won?

The Three Category Winners will be announced on or about 10/1/15, on the Living Grace website,

What’s the Prize?

A cash prize of $3,000 will be awarded to one entrant in each of the three categories. The winners will be chosen from the top ten vote recipients in each category.

What Should Your Video Be Like?

Videos should be three minutes or less in length, connecting clearly to the faith themes of the three categories, be original in story, graphics, and music. Any material that was not created by the person or team submitting the video must have cleared permissions with the creator. Videos submitted must be:

  • 3 minutes or less in length (seriously)
  • Loaded onto YouTube in a format YouTube accepts (you then submit the link)
  • The entrants original idea. Entrants should not knowingly copy another's idea, but entries will not be excluded merely because another Entrant has a similar idea.
  • Be a truthful story or expression of a faith theme.

What Should Your Video Not Be Like?

  • No profanity, no violence real or suggested, no discrimination of others based on religion, gender, economic situation or sexuality will be allowed. Videos that will be accepted
  • Can’t be over 3 minutes in length (again, really)
  • Will not contain any content this is or that promotes violence, illegal or dangerous behavior, cruelty or any kind of discrimination. (The judgment of whether a video is acceptable is solely the choice of the Living Grace staff and judges.)
  • Absolutely must not include mention or performance of any copyrighted media production including music, films, books, television programming, or artwork.
  • Must not violate another’s privacy or tell their story without their permission.
  • A release form with a parent’s signature is required for each person appearing in a video who is, at that that, under 18 years of age.
  • Again about the music. Don’t use music that isn't originally written, performed and produced by you, the Entrant. This may be hard to resist but we cannot violate the copyright of musicians and artists. All music featured in any video must be available to broadcast on a license-free, no compensation basis.

What If Your Video Is Rejected?

Living Grace staff retain the option to turn down videos that the team does not feel meet the standards of the contest. Entrants can make revisions and resubmit.

Who Owns Your Video?

Contest entrants retain ownership of their submitted videos but, by entering, agree that their videos can be shown on and featured on partner sites promoting the contest.

How Do We Communicate?

Entrants to the contest should register and submit their video using an active email address that will remain active through the contest.

Important Legal Information

You are responsible for the video you submit. All entrants, by submitting their video, guarantee that their video submission does not violate copyrights of others and that they have express permission to use the music, stories, writings, art and graphics in the video.

By submitting a video, each entrant warrants and represents that entrant's video is solely owned and created by entrant and that no other party has any rights or interest in the videos. Each entrant further represents and warrants that the videos and any use of the video by or any partners, advertising, promotion and publicity, will not infringe upon any intellectual property right (including, without limitation, any copyright) under U.S. and international laws.

You are responsible for making sure that your video does not cause harm to anyone else. Entrants guarantee that their video content will not constitute defamation, invasion of the right of privacy or publicity, or infringement of any other right of another person.

Living Grace makes no warranties as to the content or the accuracy or reliability or truthfulness of any stories or statements in the posted videos. All statements and opinions made by Entrants are those of such Entrants only, and, its staff and promotional partners neither endorse nor shall be held responsible for the reliability or accuracy of the video.

The, its staff and promotional partners are not responsible or liable for errors in the submission process including hardware, software, network or internet malfunctions; late or misdirected communication by mail, email or phone; or from human error in the administration of the Contest.

The rules also protect the partners who will help promote and share your work. The Contest may also be promoted by a third party or parties ("Promotional Partners"). Contest entrants will indemnify and hold harmless the Sponsor, any Promotional Partners, and each of their respective employees, from and against any and all liability, claims, loss, damage, injury or expense, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising in connection with any third party action arising out of a breach or allegation which if true would constitute a breach, of any of Entrant's representations, warranties or obligations herein.